Dealer Warranty Service Work Order

This form is for cosmetic, superficial, or minor repairs that are limited to 120 days after date of installation (closing date) or the designated cosmetic complaint period (if applicable that was designated at this time of signing and executing your original contract) and (1) one year for structural, gas, electrical, water, or air conditioning/heating. All service request warranty items must be reported during this time in writing by completing this form. Please attached pictures of each item with the completed form. Homeowner/Purchaser should refer to the completed walk-through inspection form noting the items needing to be addressed that was provided by your Sales Consultant. Any repairs not reported in writing during either the 120 Day cosmetic period and/or the (1) one year structural, gas, electrical, water, or air conditioning/heating will be the responsibility of the homeowner/purchaser.

Manufacturer or retailer shall have repairs completed within 90 days after the end of the 120-day period. Contact the manufacturer, retailer or refer to the State manufacturer housing homeowner informational bulletin if you have any other questions.

Once this form is submitted to the VRE office, it will be sent to the Dealer or Vendor who will contact you with further information within 24-48 business hours.

Description of the problem
List each item starting with the main area and separate by sequence item number for each issue. Please be as descriptive as possible for each listed item. (For example, if you see that there is a quarter inch dent/nix on the countertop in the master bathroom and the shower door handle is loose, then the item(s) should be listed as follows:

Master bathroom
Item #1: quarter inch dent/nix on top of counter right side of sink.
Item #2: handle to open shower door is loose and missing a screw.

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